Size Chart

capsule size chart
capsule size chart


Q. How much can I put into each sized capsule?

A. The amounts will vary, but this is accurate information CapsuleUSA recommends as a rule:


size chart capacity of empty gelatin capsules
size chart capacity of empty gelatin capsules


Q.Who created Empty Gelatin Capsules?
A. A capsule is one of the oldest forms of dosage a pharmacy history. It was first known to the ancient Egyptians. The earliest documented use of the capsule is in an account dated in 1730. It mentions a pharmacist de Pauli from Vienna. He produced an oval-shaped capsule in hopes of covering up the nasty taste of pure turpentine, which he perscribed for people that were suffering from gout.
Q. What are the reasons people use Empty Gelatin Capsules?
A. Its a cheaper way to get the same supplement that you buy over the counter. When you fill up your Empty Gelatin Capsule, it provides a cheaper way for you to get your vitamins or supplements. We have customers buy capsules for many reasons. Some are putting pet medicine into the capsule for easier swallowing, or supplements & medicine for elderly or cancer patients for the same reason. We’ve sent out large capsules for farm animal use, and brightly colored capsules for artistic and motion picture use.
Q. How do I get my herbal supplements into these small capsules?
A. We offer a few different capsule presses which allow you to quickly and easily distribute an even amount of powder to each capsule in the tray. At first, it may seem like a technical process, but its fast and easy and you can calculate the exact amount per capsule with minimal mathematical effort. We are confident nearly anyone can feel comfortable using our simple capsule presses.
Q. Why are empty gelatin capsules healthy for me?
A. They will allow you to fill your capsules with your own powders that you purchase from manufacturers. This prevents you from getting binders and fillers in already filled capsules.
Q. How should I determine what size Gelatin Capsule I should use?
A.It all depends on how much you want to put into your capsule. For example, if you intend of using a supplement that packs down well like brown sugar, you will be able to fit more in your capsule than if you use an ingredient that will not pack at all. Also, be aware that some of our gelatin capsules have a clear or translucent half. If your powder is white or a light color it will just brighten the translucent half, but if your powder is dark, it may be more visually pleasing to choose one of our solid colors to hide its appearance.
Q. How do I decide what size capsule is best for me?
A. You have two factors to consider. Price of the capsule press and capsules, and the size of capsule which will suit your needs best. If you’re certain you want to use a capsule press and need only a very small amount of powder in each capsule, its natural to want to choose the smallest size available. One issue to consider is that we only offer our cheapest capsule presses in the sizes: 00, 0, and 1. 00 is quite large while size 1 is a reasonably small size. Our most economical capsule presses are only $17.50 and they press out 24 capsules in about 2 minutes time. I recommend these units whenever possible. This means that although you might have a small amount of powder that would easily fit into a size 3 or 4, you might prefer the size 1(the smallest size using these easy capsule presses) to save both time and money. *We do have presses especially for the size 2,3,4, &5 but they press 100 capules per press and are significantly more of an investment. If you’re still unsure, we are always available to discuss these options with you.
Q. The capsule image looks bigger than I expected. Why is this?
A. When choosing a capsule size, remember the way it looks when you receive it is the largest/longest it will appear. Once the capsule is filled, it will be reassembled and gently pressed together. When you are finished, the capsule will not come apart on its own and it will be at its smallest, most true size.
Q. What can I put into the capsules?
A. Empty gelatin capsules are meant to be used with dry ingredients. If you use wet ingredients or powders with a high % of moisture, the capsule will eventually soften and even leak. We do not recommend using moist or wet ingredients with our capsules!
Q. When do I throw out my Empty Gelatin Capsules?
A.It depends on where you have your capsules. If they are kept in a 58-79 degrees Fahrenheit room, then they are likely to last awhile. Empty Gel capsules alone can last up to 5 years, but when filled, it depends on what the expectancy of your supplement is.
Q. How should I store my capsules?
A. Once you receive your capsules, we recommend putting them into a Ziploc bag. This will protect the capsules from moisture as well as extremely dry environments.
Q. If the capsules are sensitive to heat and cold, how can you get them to me intact?
A. Although many locations do have fluctuating heat and cold during the year, we have found a quick 2-5 day delivery and a sensible customer not leaving the package out in the elements is enough to ensure the capsules will be in good form. We do not recommend placing an order during a time period while you will be away for days, possibly leaving the package outside in heat, cold, rain, or snow. All of our package do go out with tracking numbers which will be emailed to you, so please expect your delivery and take it inside as soon as it arrives.
Q. Where can I buy empty gelatin capsules?
A. You can buy them at Capsule USA. We have a large selection of colors and sizes to choose from.
Q. What if you don’t have the color I want?
A. We are not always able to provide the exact colors customers request, but we do try to come up with acceptable options. Did you know that one cap and one body of the same sized capsule will be interchangeable with all other similar sized capsules? This means if you want a pink/clear capsule and we don’t have this color in stock, you can buy 1/2 an order of pink and 1/2 an order of clear and assemble them yourself for the desired outcome. We will gladly make certain your mix and match capsules fit perfectly before we ship them to you.
Q. What if I am uncomfortable with this delivery time?
A. We will always try to accommodate our customers and welcome you to contact us if you prefer an overnight shipping or a “hold at post office for pick up” notation. We will do whatever is reasonable to make your ordering experience stress free.
Q. What is your Return Policy?

A. CapsuleUSA will accept returns under the following terms:

1. Customer must contact us within 24-48 hours of delivery time.
2. All original packaging and papers must be included with the return.
3. We will request a digital image to be emailed to us along with a copy of the invoice to see if any notations were made regarding the specifics of your order.
4. A digital image of the writing on the sealed white bag that holds all of your loose items.


We have a very specific, repetitive packing procedure and having these images and a copy of your invoice will clearly describe what you did or did not receive. If you are unwilling to send us the above information, we will assume your order was received in good condition and any defective merchandise is based on your misuse of the merchandise.

Any unopened/unused merchandise is always able to be returned for a merchandise refund. You are welcome to return any unused merchandise to us, and we will credit you upon its return. Please call or email us to let us know you will be returning all or part of your order. This will allow us to serve you better!