About Us

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is a US based business started in 2008 providing the highest quality empty gelatin capsules.  In addition to products always stocked in US, our attentive customer service utilizes knowledge from years of business to assist customers making the best purchase for their unique individual needs. Wholesale and Bulk Pricing always competitive and available upon request.

CapsuleUSA Specializes in Providing:

  • Lowest Priced Bulk Empty Gelatin Capsules of All Sizes
  • Bulk Gelatin Capsule Prices Matching Beating competition pricing
  • Best Colored Empty Gelatin Capsules & In Stock Gelcaps for artistic and TV shows/Movie props
  • Most Popular Colors Empty Gelcaps for human and animal/pet use

CapsuleUSA Contact information:

305-742-1720 phone, text, whatsapp (for international assistance)

How long does it take to receive an order?

All orders (large and small) are shipped domestically.  Average delivery time of all purchases is 2-7 days depending on needs and delivery location.  CapsuleUSA does not have a storefront or walk-in service but makes up for this with A+ attention to detail and the very best in customer service and products.