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Manual Capsule Machine plus 500 Capsules


This small lightweight, handheld capsule machine is not only affordable, but very easy to use.  Try this small capsule machine, capsule press for all of your personal encapsulation needs.   Capsule USA offers this great special sale package deal.

Get one capsule machine fills capsules quickly: PLUS 1000 colored or clear capsules of your choice.  *customers who fail to provide color selection will be sent a popular color to avoid shipping delays.  Please include your color preference along with your order to expedite order processing.  We always do our best to ship quickly and meet all of your needs.

Product Description

  • small handheld, plastic, manual capsule machine joins 24 capsules per use within minutes.
  • requires manually inserting 1/2 of each capsule into both sides of the tray, spreading powder over open capsules, and manually re-aligning the top tray and pressing motion closes capsules sealed.  Instructions included.
  • one manual capsule machine plus 1000 empty joined gelatin capsules in color or clear will be sent with this item ordered.
  • affordable
  • easy to use, clean, and does not take up much space to store for future use.
  • make multiple sealed capsules in minutes
  • disguise unappealing taste or appearance of supplements
  • make swallowing easier with gelatin capsules
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