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Clear Size 000 Empty Gelatin Capsules


Guaranteed to meet or exceed all US quality and safety standards, capsules from CapsuleUSA.com are carefully sourced from trusted manufacturers offering us the best products available.  A large variety of colors and sizes are always available and there is no minimum order requirement.

Advantages of capsules from CapsuleUSA:

  • significantly less expensive than pre-bottled products
  • total control of ingredient quality & freshness
  • protection from light (for light sensitive ingredients)
  • brand identity and customer recognition
  • hide ingredient appearance & taste
  • smooth gelatin capsules & smaller sizes provide easier swallowing for people & animals
  • Perfect for pharmaceutical, laboratory, educational, and research purposes but also easy enough for home personal and pet needs.

Have piece of mind knowing your herbal supplements contain only the ingredients YOU want!

Quickly and easily fill capsules with your choice of powdered ingredients.  We now offer the most affordable handheld capsule machines able to press 100 capsules in minutes with no skill required!

  • Measure your powdered ingredients
  • Open the easy to pull apart 2 piece capsule
  • Set each half into the designated holes
  • Evenly distribute your powdered mixture between all capsules
  • Capsules are easily snapped together

NO skill is required to use our personal manual capsule filling machines *sold separately.  Easily fill 100 capsules in about 10 minutes.

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